Unstake BFC

Learn How to Unstake BFC

  1. Go to the Bifrost staking page (https://www.bifrostnetwork.com/stake).

  1. Connect your wallet, select the assets that you want to unstake in the “All Validators” section, enter the amount of tokens, and click “Continue”.

  1. Once you confirm in your wallet, the following pop-up message will be displayed. Click “Confirm” to complete unstaking.

  1. You can check your unstaking request history in the “My Staking Status” section.

  2. You can receive rewards only after the unstaking period has elapsed. You can check this period of time in the “My Staking Status” section. Once your cancellation process has been completed, you may request a withdrawal at any time. (The duration of the cancellation may vary depending on the moment of your request)

If you have any questions about BFC staking, please reach out to us through Discord.

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