getBlock(hash?: BlockHash): SignedBlock

  • interface: api.rpc.chain.getBlock

  • jsonrpc: chain_getBlock

  • summary: Gets the header and body of the target chain block

getBlockHash(blockNumber?: BlockNumber): BlockHash

  • interface: api.rpc.chain.getBlockHash

  • jsonrpc: chain_getBlockHash (alias=chain_getHead)

  • summary: Gets the block hash for a specific block

getFinalizedHead(): BlockHash

  • interface: api.rpc.chain.getFinalizedHead

  • jsonrpc: chain_getFinalizedHead (alias=chain_getFinalisedHead)

  • summary: Gets hash of the last finalized block in the canon chain

getHeader(hash?: BlockHash): Header

  • interface: api.rpc.chain.getHeader

  • jsonrpc: chain_getHeader

  • summary: Retrieves the header for a specific block

subscribeAllHeads(): Header

  • interface: api.rpc.chain.subscribeAllHeads

  • jsonrpc: chain_subscribeAllHeads

  • summary: Retrieves the newest header via subscription

subscribeFinalizedHeads(): Header

  • interface: api.rpc.chain.subscribeFinalizedHeads

  • jsonrpc: chain_subscribeFinalizedHeads (alias=chain_subscribeFinalisedHeads)

  • summary: Retrieves the best finalized header via subscription.

subscribeNewHeads(): Header

  • interface: api.rpc.chain.subscribeNewHeads

  • jsonrpc: chain_subscribeNewHeads (alias=chain_subscribeNewHead)

  • summary: Retrieves the best header via subscription.

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