accounts(): Vec<H160>

  • interface: api.rpc.eth.accounts

  • jsonrpc: eth_accounts

  • summary: Returns a list of addresses owned by client.

blockNumber(): U256

  • interface: api.rpc.eth.blockNumber

  • jsonrpc: eth_blockNumber

  • summary: Returns the current "latest" block number.

call(transaction: transactionObject, block?: BlockNumber): HexString

  • interface:

  • jsonrpc: eth_call

  • summary: Executes a new message call immediately without creating a transaction on the block chain.

chainId(): HexString

  • interface: api.rpc.eth.chainId

  • jsonrpc: eth_chainId

  • summary: Returns the currently configured chain id.

coinbase(): H160

  • interface: api.rpc.eth.coinbase

  • jsonrpc: eth_coinbase

  • summary: Returns block author.

estimateGas(transaction: transactionObject, block?: BlockNumber): HexString

  • interface: api.rpc.eth.estimateGas

  • jsonrpc: eth_estimateGas

  • summary: Estimates gas needed for execution of given transaction.

feeHistory(blockCount: U256, newest_block: BlockNumber, reward_percentiles?: Vec<f64>): FeeHistory

  • interface: api.rpc.eth.feeHistory

  • jsonrpc: eth_feeHistory

  • summary: Introduced in EIP-1159 for getting information on the appropriate priority fee to use.

gasPrice(): HexString

  • interface: api.rpc.eth.gasPrice

  • jsonrpc: eth_gasPrice

  • summary: Returns the current gas price in wei.

getBalance(address: H160, block?: BlockNumber): HexString

  • interface: api.rpc.eth.getBalance

  • jsonrpc: eth_getBalance

  • summary: Returns the balance of the account of given address.

getBlockByHash(hash: H256, full?: bool): BlockObject

  • interface: api.rpc.eth.getBlockByHash

  • jsonrpc: eth_getBlockByHash

  • summary: Returns information about a block by hash.

getBlockByNumber(BlockNumber: BlockNumber, full?: bool): BlockObject

  • interface: api.rpc.eth.getBlockByNumber

  • jsonrpc: eth_getBlockByNumber

  • summary: Returns information about a block by hash.

getBlockTransactionCountByHash(hash: H256): U256

  • interface: api.rpc.eth.getBlockTransactionCountByHash

  • jsonrpc: eth_getBlockTransactionCountByHash

  • summary: Returns the number of transactions in the block with the given block hash.

getBlockTransactionCountByNumber(BlockNumber: BlockNumber): U256

  • interface: api.rpc.eth.getBlockTransactionCountByNumber

  • jsonrpc: eth_getBlockTransactionCountByNumber

  • summary: Returns the number of transactions in the block with the given block number.

getCode(address: H160, number?: BlockNumber): Bytes

  • interface: api.rpc.eth.getCode

  • jsonrpc: eth_getCode

  • summary: Returns the compiled smart contract code, if any, at a given address.

getFilterChanges(index: Index): FilterChanges

  • interface: api.rpc.eth.getFilterChanges

  • jsonrpc: eth_getFilterChanges

  • summary: Polling method for a filter, which returns an array of logs that occurred since the last poll. A filter must be created by calling either eth_newFilter or eth_newBlockFilter

getFilterLogs(index: Index): Vec<Log>

  • interface: api.rpc.eth.getFilterLogs

  • jsonrpc: eth_getFilterLogs

  • summary: Returns an array of all logs matching filter with given id.

getLogs(filter: Filter): Vec<Log>

  • interface: api.rpc.eth.getLogs

  • jsonrpc: eth_getLogs

  • summary: Returns an array of all logs matching a given filter object.

getStorageAt(address: H160, index: U256, number?: BlockNumber): H256

  • interface: api.rpc.eth.getStorageAt

  • jsonrpc: eth_getStorageAt

  • summary: Returns the value from a storage position at a given address.

getTransactionByBlockHashAndIndex(hash: H256, index: Index): Transaction

  • interface: api.rpc.eth.getTransactionByBlockHash

  • jsonrpc: eth_getTransactionByBlockHashAndIndex

  • summary: Returns information about a transaction by block hash and transaction index position.

getTransactionByBlockNumberAndIndex(number: BlockNumber, index: Index): Transaction

  • interface: api.rpc.eth.getTransactionByBlockNumberAndIndex

  • jsonrpc: eth_getTransactionByBlockNumberAndIndex

  • summary: Returns information about a transaction by block number and transaction index position.

getTransactionByHash(hash: H256): Transaction

  • interface: api.rpc.eth.getTransactionByHash

  • jsonrpc: eth_getTransactionByHash

  • summary: Returns information about a transaction for a given hash.

getTransactionCount(address: H160, number?: BlockNumber): U256

  • interface: api.rpc.eth.getTransactionCount

  • jsonrpc: eth_getTransactionCount

  • summary: Returns the number of transactions sent from an address.

getTransactionReceipt(hash: H256): Receipt

  • interface: api.rpc.eth.getTransactionReceipt

  • jsonrpc: eth_getTransactionReceipt

  • summary: Returns the receipt of a transaction by transaction hash.

maxPriorityFeePerGas(): U256

  • interface: api.rpc.eth.maxPriorityFeePerGas

  • jsonrpc: eth_maxPriorityFeePerGas

  • summary: Introduced in EIP-1159, a Geth-specific and simplified priority fee oracle.

newBlockFilter(): U256

  • interface: api.rpc.eth.newBlockFilter

  • jsonrpc: eth_newBlockFilter

  • summary: Creates a filter in the node, to notify when a new block arrives. To check if the state has changed, call eth_getFilterChanges.

newFilter(filter: Filter): U256

  • interface: api.rpc.eth.newFilter

  • jsonrpc: eth_newFilter

  • summary: Creates a filter object, based on filter options, to notify when the state changes (logs). To check if the state has changed, call eth_getFilterChanges

protocolVersion(): u64

  • interface: api.rpc.eth.protocolVersion

  • jsonrpc: eth_protocolVersion

  • summary: Returns the current Ethereum protocol version.

sendRawTransaction(bytes: Bytes): H256

  • interface: api.rpc.eth.sendRawTransaction

  • jsonrpc: eth_sendRawTransaction

  • summary: Submits a pre-signed transaction for broadcast to the network.

sendTransaction(request: TransactionRequest): H256

  • interface: api.rpc.eth.sendTransaction

  • jsonrpc: eth_sendTransaction

  • summary: Sends transaction; will block waiting for the signer to return the transaction hash.

syncing(): SyncStatus

  • interface: api.rpc.eth.syncing

  • jsonrpc: eth_syncing

  • summary: Returns an object with data about the sync status or false.

uninstallFilter(index: Index): bool

  • interface: api.rpc.eth.uninstallFilter

  • jsonrpc: eth_uninstallFilter

  • summary: Uninstalls a filter with given ID. Should always be called when watching is no longer needed. Additionally filters time out when not requested with eth_getFilterChanges for a period of time.

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