Withdrawing to another network

Withdrawing to another network

Withdrawing to other networks

The “Withdraw” feature allows you to move assets on the Bifrost Network to another network. This guide will walk you through how to bridge a Bifrost Network-based BFC to an Ethereum Network-based BFC.

If you are sending BFC to a centralised exchange (CEX), please make sure that the exchange supports the Bifrost Network. For example, if you send A Network-based tokens directly to an exchange that does not support A Network, you will lose your tokens, and neither the Foundation nor the exchange will be responsible for lost tokens.

Step 1) Connect your wallet and set up your network

  1. Access the Bifrost Bridge page (https://www.bifrostnetwork.com/bridge)

  2. Click the top-right wallet icon to connect your wallet.

If the wallet you connect does not see the Bifrost Network, follow these steps: Settings - Networks - Search for and select Bifrost Network in the network search bar to connect.

If it is not found, enter the following information on the Add network page and save it:

Network Name: Bifrost Network

RPC URL: https://public-01.mainnet.bifrostnetwork.com/rpc

Chain ID: 3068

Currency symbol: BFC

Block explorer URL (Optional): https://explorer.mainnet.bifrostnetwork.com/

Step 2) Select a network and token

  1. On the Withdraw tab, select the network you want to withdraw to.

  2. Select a token.

  3. Enter the amount of tokens to withdraw. If the amount condition is not met, the bridge may not be able to run. If the execute button is not enabled, you will need to take a look at the minimum/maximum quantity. Please check the minimum amount to withdraw and the maximum amount to withdraw to be able to proceed. (The maximum withdrawal amount may fluctuate depending on liquidity conditions).

Step 3) Launch the bridge

  1. Click the Approve button to agree to grant access to the token to be sent.

  2. Click the “Withdraw” button to run the bridge.

  3. When the connected wallet opens, check the estimated gas cost and confirm.

  4. Complete the bridge transaction. The time to bridge can fluctuate depending on network congestion.

Step 4) Check the bridge transaction execution history.

  1. At the top of the page where you launched the bridge, under the “Use” tab, click “Explorer” (https://explorer.mainnet.bifrostnetwork.com/).

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