proveFinality(blockNumber: BlockNumber): Option<EncodedFinalityProofs>

  • interface: api.rpc.grandpa.proveFinality

  • jsonrpc: grandpa_proveFinality

  • summary: Proves finality for the given block number, returning the Justification for the last block in the set.

roundState(): ReportedRoundStates

  • interface: api.rpc.grandpa.roundState

  • jsonrpc: grandpa_roundState

  • summary: Returns the state of the current best round state as well as the ongoing background rounds.

subscribeJustifications(): JustificationNotification

  • interface: api.rpc.grandpa.subscribeJustifications

  • jsonrpc: grandpa_subscribeJustifications

  • summary: Subscribes to grandpa justifications.

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