Depositing to the Bifrost Network

Depositing to the BIFROST Network

Making a deposit with the Bifrost Network

The Deposit feature allows you to bring assets from other networks to the Bifrost Network. This guide will walk you through how to bridge an Ethereum network-based BFC to a Bifrost Network-based BFC.

Step 1) Connect your wallet

  1. Access the Bifrost Bridge page (

  2. Click the wallet icon in the top right corner to connect your wallet.

Step 2) Select a network and token

  1. Select which network are you doing a deposit from.

  2. Select a token. Different networks support different types of tokens. You can see the supported networks and tokens page.

  3. Enter the amount of tokens to deposit. If the amount condition is not met, the bridge may not be able to run. If the execute button is not enabled, you will need to take a look at the minimum/maximum amount. Please check the minimum amount to deposit and the maximum amount to deposit to be able to proceed. (The maximum deposit amount may vary depending on liquidity conditions).

Step 3) Launch the bridge

  1. Click the Approve button to agree to grant access for the token to be sent.

  2. Click the “Deposit” button to run the bridge.

  3. When the connected wallet opens, check the estimated gas cost and confirm.

  4. Complete the bridge transaction. The time to bridge can fluctuate depending on network congestion.

Step 4) Check the bridge transaction execution history.

  1. At the top of the page where you launched the bridge, under the “Use” tab, click “Explorer” (

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