This guide will walk you through how to setup Sentry to track errors and issues of your Bifrost relayer.

Sentry Setup

To setup Sentry, you should first create an account and login to Then, you will be redirected to your Sentry dashboard. You will now have to create a new project for your Bifrost relayer. Access the “Projects” tab and then create a new project as below. You should set the platform to "RUST". However the alert frequency and project name is freely available to be customized.

You will now see your created project in the “Projects” tab. Access to your new project and go to the settings tab. Then on the left-hand side, you will see “Client Keys (DSN)” tab. On the page, you will see your project’s DSN key. Copy and paste your DSN key to sentry_config.dsn in your relayer’s configuration YAML file, and then restart the service.

Sentry is now ready to go. Whenever any new issue occurs, the error information will be displayed in your project’s dashboard and alerts will be notified to your target destination (Slack, Email, etc).

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