Testnet Faucet

This page introduces how to claim BFC in order to test functions or carry out missions on the Bifrost Testnet. Through the faucet, you can claim BFC on the testnet which has no value.

Joining Discord

The Bifrost Testnet Faucet will be operated by a Discord bot. Please visit our Bifrost CITY server.


On the faucet, three types of commands are supported. Enter a command in the faucet channel of the Bifrost CITY server, and the command will be executed.

Please read below to learn how each command works.


Command /faucet_help shows the list of commands and explanations for each command.

/faucet [address]

With command /faucet [address], you can receive testnet BFC in the entered address. BFC can be used when testing internal services of the Bifrost Testnet, or cross-chain actions (Bifrost Testnet → External networks)

Once a request is sent, the bot starts to transfer BFC to the entered address. If the process is successfully done, you will be notified and given the Bifrost explorer link. You can use command /faucet [address] every 24 hours per Discord account.

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