accountNextIndex(accountId: AccountId): Index

  • interface: api.rpc.system.accountNextIndex

  • jsonrpc: system_accountNextIndex

  • summary: Retrieves the next accountIndex as available on the node.

addLogFilter(directives: Text): Null

  • interface: api.rpc.system.addLogFilter

  • jsonrpc: system_addLogFilter

  • summary: Adds the supplied directives to the current log filter.

addReservedPeer(peer: Text): Text

  • interface: api.rpc.system.addReservedPeer

  • jsonrpc: system_addReservedPeer

  • summary: Adds a reserved peer.

chain(): Text

  • interface: api.rpc.system.chain

  • jsonrpc: system_chain

  • summary: Retrieves the chain.

chainType(): ChainType

  • interface: api.rpc.system.chainType

  • jsonrpc: system_chainType

  • summary: Retrieves the chain type.

dryRun(extrinsic: Bytes, at?: BlockHash): ApplyExtrinsicResult

  • interface: api.rpc.system.dryRun

  • jsonrpc: system_dryRun (alias=system_dryRunAt)

  • summary: Dry runs an extrinsic at a given block.

health(): Health

  • interface:

  • jsonrpc: system_health

  • summary: Returns the health status of the node.

localListenAddresses(): Vec<Text>

  • interface: api.rpc.system.localListenAddresses

  • jsonrpc: system_localListenAddresses

  • summary: The addresses include a trailing /p2p/ with the local PeerId, and are thus suitable to be passed to addReservedPeer or as a bootnode address for example.

localPeerId(): Text

  • interface: api.rpc.system.localPeerId

  • jsonrpc: system_localPeerId

  • summary: Returns the base58-encoded PeerId of the node.

name(): Text

  • interface:

  • jsonrpc: system_name

  • summary: Retrieves the node name.

nodeRoles(): Vec<NodeRole>

  • interface: api.rpc.system.nodeRoles

  • jsonrpc: system_nodeRoles

  • summary: Returns the roles the node is running as.

peers(): Vec<PeerInfo>

  • interface: api.rpc.system.peers

  • jsonrpc: system_peers

  • summary: Returns the currently connected peers.

properties(): ChainProperties

  • interface:

  • jsonrpc: system_properties

  • summary: Gets a custom set of properties as a JSON object, defined in the chain specification.

removeReservedPeer(peerId: Text): Text

  • interface: api.rpc.system.removeReservedPeer

  • jsonrpc: system_removeReservedPeer

  • summary: Removes a reserved peer.

reservedPeers(): Vec<Text>

  • interface: api.rpc.system.reservedPeers

  • jsonrpc: system_reservedPeers

  • summary: Returns the list of reserved peers.

resetLogFilter(): Null

  • interface: api.rpc.system.resetLogFilter

  • jsonrpc: system_resetLogFilter

  • summary: Resets the log filter to Substrate defaults.

syncState(): SyncState

  • interface: api.rpc.system.syncState

  • jsonrpc: system_syncState

  • summary: Returns the state of the syncing of the node.

version(): Text

  • interface: api.rpc.system.version

  • jsonrpc: system_version

  • summary: Retrieves the version of the node.

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