Create New Pool

1) Select the token pair to add liquidity

Click Create Pool on the pool page to create a new pool.

2) Select token

Click Select Token and select two tokens. Click the name of the token in the pop-up screen to select the token to add liquidity.

โ€ป Wait, are you unable to find a certain token? You can manually add a token issued on the Bifrost Network by entering the token contract address.

1. Search using token contract address

Click Select Token and select two tokens. Enter or paste the token contract address. The name of the respective token will be shown in the menu if the contract address is valid. Once complete, click the name of the token.

2. Add token

Click Add Token to add the token. Make sure to check that the token contract address matches the information you entered - you may view the details on the Bifrost mainnet explorer by clicking the external link button.

3) Click Create Pool

Click Create Pool to be directed to the next step.

* For token pairs that already exist, the button will change to Add Liquidity and you will be redirected to the Add Liquidity page.

4) Enter amount and complete

Enter the amount into each field and double check the rate for each token. Keep in mind that the price of the pair is determined by the rate you set. Click Create Pool to complete.

5) View created pool

You can check the details of the created pool under My Position in the Pool tab. Keep in mind that it may take some time to load the data.

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