Introduction to Everdex

👋 Welcome to Everdex, Convenient Cross-Chain DEX!

Start a new journey with digital assets along with Everdex! 🚀 Everdex is a DEX utilizing cross-chain technology, offering a platform where various cryptocurrencies can be easily traded all in one place.

🙋🏼 Why Everdex?

Everdex is a Decentralized Exchange that aggregates cryptocurrencies scattered across multiple blockchains, allowing for easy trading. It’s the ideal place for managing your digital assets safely and freely!

The diversity of blockchain networks can often act as a significant barrier for users when trading cryptocurrencies. Many users experience inconvenience due to complicated procedures and high fees. Everdex aims to dismantle these barriers, providing a convenient and free trading experience based on its unique technology. 🙂

Chainrunner: The Special Engine of Everdex 💥

Chainrunner is an infrastructure based on the Cross-Chain Communication Protocol (CCCP) of Bifrost Network. It’s a special engine optimizing trading paths and efficiently managing liquidity scattered across various blockchain networks.

Thanks to this special engine, all cross-chain actions in Everdex occur conveniently in one place. Chainrunner predicts and optimizes gas costs and transaction times in real time, helping to move assets more safely and smoothly across different chains. As a result, Everdex users can manage digital assets more swiftly and securely. 🙂

The Charm of Everdex Swap 🤹🏼‍♀️

Swap refers to the process of exchanging one token for another. Everdex offers a more efficient cryptocurrency pool by managing the liquidity of assets scattered across various chains in one place. These gathered assets are divided into two special types of pools to facilitate more stable and efficient trading.

The first is the Stable Pool, optimized for stable coin trades. It allows nearly 1:1 ratio exchanges of less volatile assets, enabling efficient swap trades with minimal slippage and price impact for Everdex users. The second is a pool allowing instant trade executions. This pool calculates token prices automatically through a special algorithm, responding agilely to market demand and supply principles, even during price fluctuations. Additionally, a portion of the transaction fees is rewarded to liquidity providers, ensuring continuous trading.

Thus, users can swiftly and smoothly exchange their desired cryptocurrencies. Combining Chainrunner’s optimal path suggestion feature and efficient pool operation logic, Everdex delivers the optimal trading experience to users at every moment! 🙂

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Utilizing Everdex’s Liquidity Pool ♾️

A Liquidity Pool is a place where various types of cryptocurrencies are gathered, playing a crucial role in providing the liquidity necessary for smooth trading. By depositing cryptocurrencies here, users can earn a portion of the fees generated from every transaction as rewards.

What makes Everdex’s Liquidity Pool special is the embedded technology of Chainrunner and CCCP. This allows Everdex users to provide liquidity for a variety of cryptocurrencies scattered across different chains more conveniently. Users can earn rewards by providing liquidity to the pool. Of course, Everdex’s cross-chain swap feature is not limited to the Bifrost Network. It offers broader trading opportunities based on various blockchain networks. In other words, more diverse benefits are returned to the liquidity providers of Everdex! 😙

Everdex operates all its functions on the Bifrost Network, allowing for lower fees and faster speeds in managing liquidity compared to other networks.

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