3. Mint BtcUSD

Now you can start minting BtcUSD, a stablecoin minted (loaned) against your BTC collateral. The minted BtcUSD can be deposited in BiFi, swapped on Everdex, among various other uses. If you are using a wallet other than Pockie, you will need to add and change to Bifrost Network. If you have not already done so, here is the guide to adding Bifrost Network.

  1. Click on Mint BtcUSD button from your Dashboard.

  1. Enter the amount and press the Borrow button to proceed with minting BtcUSD.

* You can mint up to a maximum of 50% of your held collateral assets, with a 3.5% loan interest applied.

* Be careful of liquidation risks if you reach the liquidation threshold.

  1. After completing the loan, click the Go to Earn button to move to the 'Earn' screen. From there you can review different ways to utilize your BtcUSD to generate yield.

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