About BTCFi

What is BTCFi?

BTCFi is a way for Bitcoin holders to earn passive income while maintaining their BTC positions. By using Bitcoin as a collateral to mint BtcUSD, users can utilize Bitcoin as a way to access DeFi and the opportunities offered by it. BTCFi offers complete decentralization, while being user-friendly, and with powerful cross-chain capabilities. Users can deposit Bitcoin from a variety of chains, and utilize BtcUSD in protocols offered on Bifrost Network, and other places where support for BtcUSD is offered. BTCFi offers the following features.

Complete Decentralization

BTCFi uses BTC, the most decentralized currency on the planet, as the main source of collateral. This in turn allows the minted BtcUSD to have the same level of decentralization offered by BTC, distilled into a stablecoin format.


Borrowing and lending is a difficult process for many. At BTCFi, we simplify the process for BTC holders to put their BTC to a better use by collateralizing, and minting BtcUSD. The fact that users can bring in their BTC from multitude of networks, and receive minimum gas to execute transactions are just icing on the cake.

Powerful crosschain capabilities

BTCFi is powered by Bifrost, for full cross-chain capabilities. This makes BTCFi one of the only protocols in the world that allows the collateral to be from, and the minted asset to be utilized, across different networks. Native BTC is also set to be supported in near future, rendering BTCFi as a true crosschain platform.

Now let's take a look at how to utilize the aforementioned capabilities.

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