Resume a Paused Trade

If a transaction consists of more than one step, the transaction will be paused until you proceed to the next step after completing a step. While you can keep monitoring the screen during the transaction, if the process takes a long time, you might need to close the screen and resume it when the previous step is completed.

By default, Pockie notifies you when one transaction step is completed, indicating that you can proceed to the next step. However, if you accidentally miss the notification, you can follow the steps below to continue your transaction 🙂

0. Please click on the "History" button on Pockie

1. Click on the "Incomplete transactions" button at the top

If the button is not visible, check the history below to ensure that the transaction is not still in progress. You can only move on to the next step once a step is completely finished.


Initially, Pockie displays a notification for transactions that require the next step. Clicking the "Continue" button in the notification skips step 2, allowing you to proceed to the next step.

2. Click on the "Continue" button for the transaction you want to proceed to the next step

3. Proceed with the next network bridge/token swap step

Repeat step 7 from the "Trade" manual on the screen displayed after clicking the button.


You can monitor the transaction processing in real-time at the bottom of the screen. Click on the "View trading status details" button for more information.

4. Traded!👏

Once the trade is completed, you can reconfirm the information through the "View details" button.

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