Pockie wraps the JSON-RPC API using the window.pockie.request(args) provider method.

For detailed information on standard Ethereum RPC methods, refer to the Ethereum Wiki. Every RPC method request can potentially return an error. Therefore, error handling is mandatory each time window.pockie.request(args) is called.

Example using the eth_chainId RPC method:

window.pockie.request({ method: 'eth_chainId' })
    .then((chainId) => {
        console.log('Response:', chainId);
    }).catch((error) => {
        if (error.code === 4001) {
            // EIP-1193 userRejectedRequest error
            console.log('Please connect to MetaMask.');
        } else {

Use window.pockie.request(args) as per the guidance in the Ethereum Wiki.



Retrieves the current wallet's permission information from the requester.

window.pockie.request({ method: 'wallet_getPermissions' })
    .then((result) => {
        console.log('Response:', result);

This gives information about the permissions linked to DApps in the wallet. If the requester has no permissions, the result array will be empty.


Requests permissions from the user. Currently, only eth_accounts requires permission requests. This request triggers a Pockie popup. Permission requests should only be made in response to a direct user action, like a button click.

        method: 'wallet_requestPermissions',
        params: [{ eth_accounts: {} }],
    .then((permissions) => {
        const accountsPermission = permissions.find(
            (permission) => permission.parentCapability === 'eth_accounts'
        if (accountsPermission) {
            console.log('eth_accounts permission successfully requested!');
    .catch((error) => {
        if (error.code === 4001) {
            // EIP-1193 userRejectedRequest error
            console.log('Permissions needed to continue.');
        } else {


Prompts the user to switch to the chain with the specified chain ID. This method should only be invoked in response to a direct user action. Pockie will reject requests if:

  • The chain ID is incorrect.

  • Pockie does not support chains with the specified chain ID.

This method is defined by EIP-3326.

await pockie.request({
    method: 'wallet_switchEthereumChain',
    params: [{ chainId: '0x5' }],


Requests the user to track a specified token in Pockie.

This allows DApp developers to request the user to track tokens in their wallet at runtime. This method is specified by EIP-747.

        method: 'wallet_watchAsset',
        params: {
            type: 'ERC20',
            options: {
                address: '0xb60e8dd61c5d32be8058bb8eb970870f07233155',
                symbol: 'FOO',
                decimals: 18,
                image: 'https://foo.io/token-image.svg',
    .then((success) => {
        if (success) {
            console.log('FOO successfully added to wallet!');
        } else {
            throw new Error('Something went wrong.');

Methods Not Supported

  • wallet_addEthereumChain

  • wallet_registerOnboarding

  • wallet_scanQRCode

The above RPC Methods are currently not supported. For more details about Ethereum JSON-RPC, refer to the MetaMask API documentation.

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