Trade on Pockie

Pockie’s new Cross-chain Trade update will make navigation in the new chains simpler, and safer than ever. This opens up a new chapter for usability for Pockie, where users can manage assets on multiple chains in a single place, transforming Pockie into a true multi-chain platform.

Allow us to explain why you should be using the Pockie Trade.


Remember how we said we would focus on simplicity when we first announced Pockie? Well, we’re still doing that, and that was the key decision maker in designing this feature.

Pockie’s new Cross-chain Trade allows you to trade and sign in one place without having to search for a DEX or a bridge, to move assets between networks. There’s even an easy-to-use interface to track the process of each step of the trade!

In order to make this feature even more user-friendly, we opted to build Pockie Trade as a native feature within the Pockie extension, as opposed to relying on an external API. This enables Pockie to provide users with even more functionalities designed to make Pockie even more user-friendly, and allows for more than just swapping of tokens, providing users with even more enriching experience in utilizing their digital assets.

In conjunction with previously available features such as automatic detection/addition of tokens, the trade allows for a smooth, seamless operation that many users will find to be a delight.

💡 Other features that are made possible through this update include:

  • Detailed information of the trade process in the transaction history

  • Easy retry of trades for past incomplete transactions

  • And many more useful features designed to enhance user experience


We’re proud to announce that Pockie is the first wallet in the world to offer full-fledged cross-chain trade capabilities fully within the extension! We expect this to be a game changer for many DeFi users, who spend hours browsing and looking for DEXes, bridges to make their token purchase.

The most powerful feature of Pockie Trade is our proprietary engine designed to simulate cross-chain trade before it takes place. This allows for optimal path finding, all without leaving your browser to find which DEX has the most liquidity for a certain asset pair, or which bridge supports which assets. This is designed to solve a problem that users of multiple chains face while moving assets, which is finding that there is no liquidity for a certain token once it has been moved to a new network. All of this is made possible through ChainRunner, a proprietary technology powered by Bifrost Network.

In addition to that, Pockie Trade currently supports some of the largest chains by TVL, as well as the DEXes available on those networks for maximum liquidity availability.

💡 Details

  • Pockie Extension supports the following networks: [Bifrost, Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Chain, Avalanche, Klaytn, Base, Arbitrum] and we plan to add the number of supported networks in the future.

  • Supports over 60 DEX liquidity sources with a total leveraged TVL of over $10 billion.


More often than not, DeFi users are faced with a dilemma of having to choose from a plethora of services that they are unfamiliar with, in navigating different chains.

With Pockie Trade, worry no more.

Pockie Trade uses a carefully curated selection of services that have stood the test of time, and is regularly updated to make sure the services employed are trustworthy, and secure. We hand-select services that are only completely self-custodial and fully decentralized, as well as giving full control to our users every step of the way. Each swap and bridging process needs to be confirmed by users to progress, and that is our commitment to giving our users full control over their wallets.

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